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EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station

I-DLTAPROPORTPWR-01-0100-0200-V1 3.6 star rated
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  • Energy Star: No
  • Water Sense: No
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  • Output Power: 3600Wh
Model: Z-DELTAPro-1600W-US
Introducing the world's first portable home battery with an expandable ecosystem for home backup, outdoor recreation, professional production, smart energy management, lower energy bills and more. With 3.6kWh battery, and 3600W AC output, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station is the next leap in portable power technology, offering you power security and independence, wherever you are. ### In the box * EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station * AC Charging Cable * Car Charging Cable * DC5521 to DC5525 Cable * Handle Cover * User Manual & Warranty Card   ### Product Specs * __Dimensions:__ (L X W X H) 25 X 11 X 16 in. * __Weight:__ ~45kg (99 lbs) * __Capacity:__ 3600Wh (48V) * __Output Ports:__ - AC (x4) - USB-A (x2) - USB-A Fast Charge (x2) - USB-C (x2) - Car Charger - DC5521 Output (x2) - Anderson Output * __Input Ports:__ - AC Charging - Solar Charging - Car Charging * __Battery Cell Chemistry:__ LFP * __Battery Cycle Life:__ 6,500 cycles to 50% capacity, 3,500 cycles to 80% capacity _This product is not eligible for return._